As many as 30 million women in the United States cope with hair loss. To address this confidence-altering matter, three of today’s leading Functional Medicine experts, Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Dan Pompa & Dr. Bill Cole created a multi-therapeutic approach to fight unexplained and autoimmune related hair loss on a cellular level. 

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Cellular Hair Repair Is 
The Only Program 
That Addresses 
The 4 Core Causes 
Of Hair Loss :

  • Hormone Resistance
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • ​Imbalanced Microbiome

“We’re elated to finally introduce our Cellular Hair Repair program. With this launch, we aim to provide worthwhile support for those feeling frustrated or defeated by unexplained hair loss and/or dry, brittle, thinning hair.” Expressed Dr. Bill Cole. “As a collective, our team is dedicated to empowering individuals with the truth about being healthy. Often, hair loss is not the root of the problem, instead it is a symptom of poor cell health."

“This is huge and the first of its kind. There are so many products out there that offer false hope but none of them get far enough upstream to address the four core causes of seemingly unexplainable or autoimmune related hair problems.” Adds Dr. Daniel Pompa. “This isn’t about a product. This is a full on, multi-pronged program that addresses the autoimmune, microbiome, nutrition and hormone components of hair problems and that’s why it works.”

“I’m so excited to finally have a systematized lifestyle program that works. Out of all the symptoms we deal with on a daily basis, hair problems are one of the hardest to address—and possibly affects our clients the most.” Contributes Dr. Will Cole. “Hair loss often places a heavy burden on our clients, they don’t feel like themselves anymore and don’t like what they see.”

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